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JL Recruitment is rated amongst the top maid agency Singapore. Our agents are committed towards achieving higher professionalism, productivity and standard of service. For ten years, our helper agency in Singapore has provided quality maids to suit different objective of hiring. With each well-trained maids for Singapore, we strive towards meeting every household need with utmost professionalism.

As a trusted top maid agency Singapore, we believe in customer-oriented services. Each of our maid agent Singapore strives to cultivate good customer relationships in order to build trust and long-term partnerships with customers. Hence, we are proud to say that customers have been referring us to friends and families for service satisfaction. It is no surprise that the primary values of our consultants are reliability, friendliness and the willingness to serve, because we are committed to achieving full customer satisfaction in all that we do.

Throughout the ample maid agencies Singapore, we are attested by Ministry of Manpower, Association of Employment Agencies, as well as various consulates and embassies across Asia. These accreditations speaks for our top commitment of delivering premium-level and fair business practices to our clientele; to be the best maid agency in Singapore.

Well Trained in CHILD CARE

As a leading Singapore maid agency that aim for the best service, JL Recruitment provides childcare training to our recruits to better tend to your children’s needs. Our maids strive to meet and develop the physical, cognitive and psycho-social needs of the child in a safe and conducive environment. Specialized training is also given to our maids working with babies.

Well Trained in COOKING

Filipino, Indonesian and Myanmar maids from our agency in Singapore are also equipped with exceptional cooking skills. Our maids undergo special training to be confident in the kitchen. A confident helper with the ability to prepare tasty and well-balanced meals have a better chance to develop good bonding and in turn, be best assistance for family.

Well Trained in AGED CARE

Knowing that your loved ones is at the end of his/her life journey is emotionally straining for the family, and the required logistics can also be complicated to manage. Let us help you take care of them. Each of our Indonesian, Myanmar and Filipino maids from our Singapore agency have received intensive training for geriatric care. Our agents are dedicated in assisting employers for helpers skilled in aged care.

Well Trained in CLEANING

Recognised as one of the trusted top maid agents in Singapore, we best understand the importance of household chores and keeping the house clean. We are here to help, when you are too tired and strapped for time after a long day at work to clean the house. Our maids undergo rigorous training to ensure that your house is always kept spotlessly clean.

JL Recruitment is an accredited Filipino, Myanmar, Mizoram and Indonesian maid agency in Singapore. We are committed to providing you with the best help for your domestic needs. For enquiries, please call us at 6904 8488 today!

Why Choose Us?

  • Hundreds of satisfied customers can’t go wrong
  • We provide good customer services
  • We ensure the quality of our domestic helpers
  • We value our customers as assets to our company
  • Our procedure is very simple, fast, and very dependable

Words from our client

Thanks to JL Recruitment, I am able to have a super maid that takes care of my family and my daughter’s needs so well that I can concentrate on my career.
Roger Tan, an entrepreneur
I used to worry about the complicated procedure of hiring a domestic maid but JL makes the procedure simple, fast and dependable.
Janice Chua, a mother and a businesswoman
Very Professional. As a supplier, they ensure the quality of the domestic worker; the maid’s standard is higher than other.
Hany Lee, a doctor