Assisting Homeowners with Professional Maid Services

JL Recruitment PTE Ltd. specializes in providing services of the Indonesian maid too. We deal in maids from particular Asian countries whose services are much required in Singapore. The homeowners prefer Indonesian maid’s services because they can understand different dialects. Even they can communicate well with the locals at the stores or market in Singapore that makes the purchases easier. Our specialized maids take care of children, even the babies of working parents. They are trained to cook and clean for your other family members if working parents have to stay out for a more extended period. Our agency’s motto is a higher level of professionalism and productivity.

Why Hire Indonesian Maid From Us?

JL Recruitment PTE Ltd. is a one-stop Indonesian maid agency Singapore that extends the services of trained and experienced Indonesian maids. Below are a few reasons to choose them:

  • Indonesian maids are quite affordable.
  • They can quickly speak and understand the local dialects too.
  • These maids possess a good number of experience with intensive training from our agency.
  • The Employment Authorities in Singapore recognize our agency maids.

To get more assistance and details on hiring Indonesian maids, reach out to JL Recruitment PTE Ltd. professionals.

Our Domestic Helpers are well trained in:

Aged Care

Knowing that your loved ones is at the end of his/her life journey is emotionally straining for the family and the required logistic is complicated to set.


At JL Recruitment we understand cleaning homes is very important for your family’s safety and health. Our maids undergo training programmes developed by your trusted Singapore Maid Agency.


Our maids undergo special cooking training to be confident in the kitchen so that they have the ability to prepare tasty and well-balanced meals for families.

Child Care

Our maids strive to meet and develop the physical, cognitive and psycho-social needs of the infant in a safe and conducive environment.