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JL Recruitment is an accredited Filipino, Myanmar, Mizoram and Indonesian maid agency in Singapore. We are committed to providing you with the best help for your domestic needs.

Many providers of family face concern of caring for seniors, especially when no one else is available to be the care provider for their elders.

As caring for elderly is a commitment both emotionally and physically, helping hands is usually a much cherished support. For private and focused caregiving, hiring a maid for elderly care Singapore would be the way-to-go. With home-based care, optimal level of attention is guaranteed. The one-to-one care also provides the advantage of freedom for seniors to move around, such as wheelchairs users elderly, there would be someone accompanying them around as and when they need. This would also ensure senior’s security since the maid would help them to keep an eye on the elderly.

For elderly person care-takers in your home, it is best to hire a helper with formal eldercare training. Hiring an experienced maid ensures the quality of care given to the care recipients. The maid you hired is crucial since your elderly safety is very much in tow. Hence, it is important to ensure that the character and caregiving skills are suited for the elderly or have undergone MOM’s Eldercare Training Programme.

As a maid agency for elderly care, JLRecruitment ensures that helpers are equipped with skills to take care of the elderly before deploying them for contractual job.

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Our Domestic Helpers are well trained in:

Childcare Maid

Aged Care

Knowing that your loved ones is at the end of his/her life journey is emotionally straining for the family and the required logistic is complicated to set.

Cleaning Maid


At JL Recruitment we understand cleaning homes is very important for your family’s safety and health. Our maids undergo training programmes developed by your trusted Singapore Maid Agency.

Cooking Maid


Our maids undergo special cooking training to be confident in the kitchen so that they have the ability to prepare tasty and well-balanced meals for families.

Elderly Care Maid

Child Care

Our maids strive to meet and develop the physical, cognitive and psycho-social needs of the infant in a safe and conducive environment.