We Are Here To Serve You

An experienced helper agency in the region who aim to be the best domestic helper agency in Singapore, we’re ready to assist in the following services:

  • Providing of Indonesian, Filipino, Myanmar and Indian foreign domestic workers.
  • Direct hiring of your own foreign domestic helper to work in Singapore.
  • Home leave processing for embassy endorsement.
  • Application & cancellation of work permits.
  • Renewal of Philippine and Indonesian passports.
  • Renewal of work permit.
  • Medical checkup.
  • Purchasing of Insurance and Banker’s guarantee.
  • Booking and purchasing of air tickets.
  • Transportation and escort services for your domestic worker.
  • Placement of transfer domestic worker in Singapore.
  • Lodging of transfer domestic worker during your vacation.

  • 提供印尼/菲律宾/缅甸/印度女佣
  • 代办直接雇佣女佣手续
  • 代办女佣假期手续
  • 代办申请/取消女佣准证
  • 代办更新菲律宾/印尼女佣护照
  • 代办更新女佣准证
  • 代办女佣体检服务
  • 代办保险和银行担保
  • 代办预订购买机票
  • 提供女佣接送服务
  • 代办女佣转让、转名手续
  • 提供雇主度假期间女佣食宿服务

Our Domestic Helpers are well trained in:

Aged Care

Knowing that your loved ones is at the end of his/her life journey is emotionally straining for the family and the required logistic is complicated to set.


At JL Recruitment we understand cleaning homes is very important for your family’s safety and health. Our maids undergo training programmes developed by your trusted Singapore Maid Agency.


Our maids undergo special cooking training to be confident in the kitchen so that they have the ability to prepare tasty and well-balanced meals for families.

Child Care

Our maids strive to meet and develop the physical, cognitive and psycho-social needs of the infant in a safe and conducive environment.